The only thing Isis could ever do to show how much they appreciate their fan base, would be to put out a collection of songs/videos for every record/gear collecting nerd to orgasm over after they broke up. So they did just that and I in that grouping of people am orgasming during every minute of music in this collection or rare tracks.

There's not much more to say than the above. If you loved this band through their entire run there is no reason why you should not eat up every demo version and remix of their previous material. Let alone not drool over the songs off the Melvins split and new unreleased tracks "Temporal" and the epic masterpiece that is "Grey Divide". Then there's the covers of Black Sabbaths classic "Hand of Doom" which they of course put their own great twist to without taking anything from the original version. While their cover of Godfleshs "Streetcleaner" is not only as heavy as the original but has more of a musicians feel to it as oppose to the original version. Capping off the album with an acoustic version of 20 minutes/40 years is also a great touch to end a collection album such as this one.

Basically if you loved this band pre order the vinyl. The outlay looks incredible just like every other one of their releases and I'm still bitter this band broke up. One of the best of our generation and we should appreciate them putting this together even years after breaking up. Whether you think it's for money or not it rules and is going to be another great collectors item.