Sometimes when a music scene moves forward into new eras and brings with it updated sounds, a healthy reminder from the past is a necessary road that needs to be explored to show us where the music comes from. John Lydon (better known as Johnny Rotten) not only fronted the legendary Sex Pistols but also the post-punk group Public Image Limited (PiL). With the announcement of the first PiL album in 20 years, Jah Wobble and Keith Levene, two of the bands founding members, have instead gone a different route and are releasing Yin & Yang, their follow-up to their EP Metal Box in Dub.

The reunion of Wobble and his dub bass style with the outstanding and definable guitar work of Levene turned heads earlier this year and with Yin & Yang they set out to do so even more as the bring together the raw familiarity with an experimental twist to it throughout the album. From the title track that opens the album you quickly release that you are in for something unique, but the choruses bring forward a psychedelic 60’s feel within the airy vocals.

However, for the most part they tend to balance on the far left of the dial with odd time signatures, melodies, and vocals, that although obscure manage to tie the oddness of the music together perfectly as they show on songs like “Understand” or their unique cover of Beatles “Within’ You Without You.” They do mix it up here and there as well as they take on a more Americana based vibe with “Mississippi” or the extremely odd “Back on the Block” which lends a truly experimental vibe to the mix as this instrumental forces you to focus on the instrumentation without the vocals steering you away .

Overall, though this is something that would normally be too experimental for my tastes, Wobble and Levene take all of the oddness of the experimentation and make this a very enjoyable listen through their strong vocals and lyrics; an interesting album to check out but one that is worth checking out none the less.