After every couple of years, I get this weird feeling that something is missing from my life. I'd like to think I have a pretty good life. Great girlfriend, good job, good band, yet I still have a part of me unsatisfied. I then realize I'm about due for a new Converge record, and 2012 has brought us All We Love We Leave Behind. You could argue that Converge hasn't done wrong since releasing Jane Doe, and I'd gladly agree with you. In a genre full of imitators, Converge constantly puts out new material that satisfies fans, while keeping it fresh.

I mention constantly in past reviews the aural prowess of Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, and how his mastery behind the mixing board is the icing on the cake for most modern hardcore/metal albums. His ability to capture a band's sound without relying on studio magic and machine gun drum triggering is inspiring to an audio engineer like myself. He hasn't pulled any punches here, as All We Love We Leave Behind is a completely "organic" hardcore record. Opener "Aimless Arrow" abruptly starts with the frenetic chaos of Ben Koller's drumming and a dissonant Ballou riff. Frontman Jacob Bannon's vocals scream of desperation, in the style highlighted on Axe To Fall'sopening track "Dark Horse". "Trespasses" starts up with a downpicked circle pit riff and Koller's double bass blast, a recurring theme throughout the song. Bassist Nate Newton's bass tone again is the glue that makes the heavy......well heavy. Newton's vocals, which are at the forefront of his other bands, Doomriders and Old Man Gloom, are still effective while backing up Bannon throughout the album.

The title track starts with a lone bass line, shortly being accompanied by a fast tempo, tom heavy drum beat. (Which I will say, sounds remarkably similar to the opening beat on the song "God Is War", by Koller's other band All Pigs Must Die. Seriously, compare the two). To be a band as long as Converge has, and remain relevant in hardcore or heavy music in general, is a feat that should be respected. True pioneers in their craft, these pissed dudes from New England have put out another 40 minutes of chaotic, innovative tunes. All We Love We Leave Behind is out now, via Epitaph/Deathwish Inc.