So let's face it majority of the time B-sides stink right? I mean that's why the label or band didn't want them on the original record it was written for, right? Wrong, the pioneers of the swirly riffs Kylesa have put together a collection of rarities that kick so much ass these songs easily could've been on their respectable albums. Not to mention 2 excellent covers and a sweet little taste of what's to come with new song "End Truth".

In perfect Kylesa form they open up the record with a tribal/effect driven intro setting the tone right before they destroy you with the heavy sludge of "Inverse". From there on out it's nothing less but their relentless key sound of progressive pedal worship. As a matter of fact, with how good the progression of the album is many of us wouldn't even be able to tell it's not a new album entirely. Not including the remix titles etc.

Many Kylesa fans should immediately fall in love with new track "End Truth", picking up right where their last album "Spiral Shadow" left off. Psychedelic, heavy and of course beautifully constructed, but even more of a trippy feel to it. Making you pissed that you have to wait for the new album. Both covers couldn't have been done better. First off who even does a Buzz'oven cover?! Dare I say it's heavier than the original? Yes, call me crazy but it's that heavy. Then to compromise the heavy with the melodic their interpretation of Pink Floyd's "Set the Controls.." not only does it justice, but reinvents it for a new generation. A more metal with some better production generation. Ending the album with a unreleased drum jam sends you out ending the heavy daze and begging for more.

Kylesa did a hell of a job making a bunch of odds and ends and turning it into a killer album. I don't think I've ever heard a rarities/B-sides album have such a good flow just like a new album would. Don't wait for the new one, pick this up, bang your head and wait patiently while we anticipate for what is sure to be one of the best metal albums of next year.