"This is for real?"

Who DOESN'T love some era of Corrosion Of Conformity? If not, you might not understand underground music at all. This band, and this album specifically, were instrumental in setting the tone for late 80's crossover. Its raw, brutal nature was too punk for metal, and the razor sharp riffs and Slayer-like aggression helped them stand out of the punk scene like a sore thumb.

Through the 80's, the blending of hyper fast thrash metal, and even more hyper fast punk rock led to a Bermuda shorts clad phenomenon known as crossover, a style wholeheartedly displayed on the classic "Eye For An Eye", albeit much more punk based and primitive.

Of course, many are more (maybe only) familiar with COC as a weed toking, Black Sabbath ripping-off metal band. And that's fine, I really don't have anything against the last 20 years of the band's career, per se, but if I was given the choice of completely eradicating one side of their career in favor of the other, the thrash would win out every time. This is a must-have record for punk and metal lovers alike. The songs are plentiful, aggressive, brief and relevant. This is the soundtrack of growing up while already fully jaded by the time you're 16.

This is a re-release, also including the also classic "Six Songs With Mike Singing" EP, the Mike in question being bassist Mike Dean. Said EP is produced a little more like a metal record, and signals the next few years of the band's life.

My only gripe with this record is minor on the surface, but major in the end. The copy of this record I've owned for years is raw, distorted, and bordering on the edge of falling apart under the weight of the musical insanity. The production here on the re-release cuts the balls off of the original, flattening everything into a metallic malaise rather than ripping forth like a rocket that explodes mid flight. I wish the mix was more along the lines of the original that I've grown accustomed to. The points deducted to 3/5 are strictly for the re-release. I would give the original 5/5 any day, let me make that very clear for those who gave me shit for my Sleep rerelease review.

However, if you've never heard this record in your life, or need to give it a second, third, or thousandth chance, now is the time, because it's back on the market and will still fuck you up like no other.