The long awaited new album from A Life Once Lost Ecstatic Trance might be the most disappointing record I've ever to I guess Metallica-St Anger. Being a long time fan of this band over the last decade and then some, I couldn't believe it not only took them this long, but at 3 attempts to record this barely mediocre album. I'm genuinely upset as another one "bites the dust".

This is hands down the most repetitive album I've heard from a highly regarded band that always had some spice on their albums. I can't lie, I was worried when I found out that not only was Bob Carpenter not going to be in the band anymore, but also Justin Graves. This just shows how important those guys really were. Obviously Carpenter had a lot to do with the writing process, because the songs are very stale on Ecstatic Trance as are just about every lead. Literally every lead could be replaced on any other track as could just about every riff. The album is basically one long boring twangy Meshuggah riff with a lead in the same key and tempo for 35 minutes. Not to mention the drummer is significantly worse than Justin Graves. Who made their past 3 albums flashy yet memorable and enjoyable.

I do catch myself banging my head, but only for short spans. Then realizing that I've literally been listening to the same thing for over 4 minutes and oh hey it even happens to be the next song. Which I get the concept of an "Ecstatic Trance" is suppose to I guess subdue me(?) and suck me in. Which I believe could be a very cool concept but ALOL executes it very poorly and sucks me only into a portal of boredom.

Basically I guess I expected way more from these use to be heavy hitters. I loved "A Great Artist" and "Hunter" so I know damn well about their capability of killer tunes. Hence why I have to grade this so low. Shit the only reason they're gettin that much is cause the recording is killer. So I leave the review with some questions.

Where in the hell did all the cool shred go? Where is all the memorable yet techinical drumming? What about the off the wall transitions and different tempos? Basically where the fuck did all the things that put you on the map go? Cause it sure as hell isn't on this album.