I don't really enjoy much pop punk these days. I just see a bunch of dudes in hardcore bands that jumped the bandwagon and started playing pop punk due to its popularity. Both genres even share similar merchandise, with tshirts that are decked out in boldface fonts with some corny lyric. Although labeled a pop punk band, The Swellers are just a little different. These dudes have been going at it for 10 years and released 5 albums, most recently "Good For Me" in 2011. While definitely displaying roots in pop punk, I hear more of a 90's punk vibe. Its nice to hear songs that don't spend the majority of the time glorifying friends as real family and being lonely.

The band left label Fueled By Ramen earlier this year and decided to self release this new EP. Any newcomers to The Swellers can get a pretty good idea of what this band is capable of. Some fast paced, melodic punk moments balanced out by mid tempo, rockish anthems. The live show is something I've constantly heard good things about, my two buddies still throw it in my face that I missed a stellar set at the Asbury Lanes last year. As long as these guys have been around, they seem to still fly under the radar. "Running Out Of Places To Go" is somewhat of an ironic title for an EP, as the band tours constantly and handles all booking by themselves. (becoming much more prevalent no matter what level of popularity a band has). The EP can be downloaded on their bandcamp page, and benefits the band directly. DIY OR DIE.