Long Island, NY's Car Bomb are a bunch of crazy motherfuckers. When their debut LP "Centralia" came out back in 2007, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for at the time. My short attention span was in full swing and I was constantly listening to heavy shit. The level of brutality found on that album, with all of its crazy, off tempo nonsense and random pinch harmonics was magic to my ears. 4 years have passed, and my ears have again been graced by "w^w^^w^w". Seeing the band live and reading interviews only strengthened my opinion on how sweet these dudes were. Most bands playing "technical" metal are basically glorified Meshuggah tributes (fight me), and Car Bomb are no exception. Its the fact that they aren't taking themselves seriously that makes it okay.

The band took to recording this album themselves, but don't be expecting shitty garage bootlegs where all you hear is cymbals and thin guitars. Production is dirty, but slick at the same time. A solid low end with a clicky kick drum balance out the midrange gruff of the acrobatic guitars that seem to bend and squeal from song to song. Don't assume the unusual guitar playing is due to novice guitar playing, Greg Kubacki knows exactly what he's doing. The whole band does for that matter, instrumentally this album is something to respect. Vocalist Michael Dafferner alternates from frenetic percussive bursts that stay in time with the kick, to accentuated shrieks of melody that stand out amidst the chaos. Simply put, this album is fucking heavy. Its out now, pick it up directly from the band's bandcamp page.