I had long remembered Lord Worm (of Cryptopsy fame) stating he would like to do a black metal band. Well, not terribly long after his second departure from his former death metal act is when I became aware of the band. However, they've apparently been together since 2000. That said, this is their first release.

First thing first, DO NOT go into this record expecting to hear what many called genre defining death metal vocals from Lord Worm (I often feel he gets a little too much credit there). His vocals are straight up black metal. I had to get that out of the way because his prior works set a precedence. That said, there's unfortunately nothing "special" in the vocals. There is however the matter of the album's title, unrelenting fucking hatred. His voice seethes it.

Musically, this is fairly well put together black metal. The production, while not being overly produced, does lack at times. The drums are the main culprit here. They often don't seem too clean (triggered bass drum? All of it programmed?) while the rest of the music (vocals included which are too loud) are raw and distorted. The guitars I do wish had a better sound. The sound comes off like it's mixed with static from a dead TV channel.

As a whole, the album left me uncertain what to think. At times I found myself enjoying it, but then that was quickly replaced with interest waning. Unrelenting Fucking Hatred seems to encapsulate everything I hate and enjoy about the black metal genre. Unfortunately for me, they seem to take in more of everything I hate. In the end, I found myself deciding this is nothing special, not bad, but nothing I need repeated listens to.