You know what the world needs? A live Otep album! Said nobody EVER. Seriously, when I can't believe this band has a live album, let alone feeling I can't believe they're still together. I have never once seen anyone praise this band. All I ever read is similar feelings I have for their atrocious onslaught on ear holes.

I've had the misfortune of seeing this band twice. The first time was Ozzfest when I guess they were at their peak. Weird people treating the woman singing like the coming of the messiah. Each time her shit voice left her mouth they went nuts. It was baffling. I thought nu metal was dying. Years later, thinking nu metal was dead, I saw them a 2nd time on a weird tour. About 50 people came out of nowhere when they went on the stage and then left when they were done. Both shows were nothing spectacular and nothing that would ever need documented. The band and Victory Records (FUCKING LOL at that) thought otherwise.

From the opening moments, the singer sounds less than enthused. I guess this is her style, but Jesus does she sound bored. One thing anyone would hope for a live recording is to convey an energetic live show, but then I remembered how boring they were live when I saw them. Her whole approach is just beyond aggravating. I have no clue what the appeal is to her lackadaisical singing approach to talking/singing mixed with TERRIBLE distorted screaming. I got when people when nuts over the girl screaming in Arch Enemy. This girl? No thanks.

Honestly, I couldn't make it through every track on this turd. I then read the info sheet that came with the tracks was unfortunately reminded they ruined Nirvana's Breed. They close out their set with this and introduce it with the singer poorly quoting a Kurt quote and then blasting into the atrocious cover. If you value your life in any way, please avoid this album like the plague.