De Profundis is another progressive, melodic (blackened), death metal band from Europe (London, UK). Only they seperate themselves from others by incorporating a wide array of styles....cause no one else does that. For as many influences and different styles of music they incorporate boy was I still bored to death.

Although they do have a different formula then others that attempt to play a style thats been beaten to a bloody pulp that's about the only difference. I'll also give them the fact that the guitar players at times have some serious licks and that is where my compliments will end.

First off every song is 2-3 minutes too long which is where many of this style lose a listeners interest. On top of that, the difference in styles is too extreme. It's one thing to try to incorporate folk,prog,death and black metal considering they all CAN fall into the metal realm. But, if you're going to try to do the Opeth thing maybe the extreme in vocals or drumming shouldn't be as copied as the respected style. Maybe to be slightly more straightforward with a touch of venturing off wouldn't turn me off as much and would benefit De Profundis. Not to mention some vocal lessons for singer Craig Land. That would also benefit you guys a lot.

I was never familiar with these guys so I did go back and check out their prior albums. "The Emptiness Within" isn't much different or better. All I can say is Amon Amarth does the trem better, Dream Theater does prog better and get your time machine. Travel back to 1999/early 2000s when the Euros dominated melodic metal cause they all did it way better back then. Oh yea, Opeth is still a band that puts out killer albums kind of like this, but done very well.