Sometimes a record will instantly rub me the wrong way. It's been awhile since I instantly felt like I would hate a record, but when I came across Nice Marmot by The Business End that feeling came to me.

This is the dreaded goofy douche punk rock type of band that wears nostalgic cartoon character t-shirts and watches a lot of Family Guy and Bob's Burgers. Surprisingly, this may have been tolerable with a different vocal approach, but the shrill singing is far too annoying. I honestly picked up the CD booklet a couple times to see if songs featured a female singer. Well they don't, just some dork with an MMA mohawk. The rest of the band is competent enough though.

What drives me insane is the aesthetic. Yeah I know this is supposed to be about their sound, but being that this was independently released, the band seems to have put a lot of money into the visual. Add the song topics of snowboarding and vaginas and these guys are craaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyyy man. I bet they like smoke pot and drink brews, ya know real party animals.

This shit is just annoying frat boy punk rock performed by people old enough to know better. Their friends probably think they are great, but I'm sure that isn't saying much. Shit sandwich.