I'm not sure exactly when or how I came across Olde York, but I know it was a couple of years ago and that they were a pleasant surprise. I have been listening to their LP Empire State for awhile now and honestly thought they were broken up. So it was awesome to see their new record Shallow World in my latest package of discs to review.

Olde York hail from New York and bring a classic NYHC sound. Unfortunately these guys have always seemed to fly under the radar outside of certain circles. It's a shame because although these guys don't break the mold of NYHC, they fit it perfectly. These guys are fitting among a playlist with Warzone, Sick Of It All and Kill Your Idols. They keep the fury of hardcore and mix it with a good amount of anthemic qualities that allow the songs to be catchy and exciting. It isn't a record full of sing a longs, but a acceptable amount of gang vocals give the songs a decent pop that keeps them from sounding too generic.

There are plenty of bands that exist pretty quietly in hardcore scenes all over the world that understandably stay relatively unknown. But in Olde York's case I can't really find a good reason why these guys aren't getting their proper acclaim. Sure it is pretty paint by the numbers hardcore, but their execution is top notch. Every band member does their job efficiently and while I can see some people not identifying with the vocals, I am perfectly happy with them.

It seems to take a certain level of hype or a couple of well planned tours for hardcore bands to breakout of their locale these days. Unfortunately I don't think Olde York plays the style of hardcore that the fickle younger crowd (who are probably most responsible for a bands level of success) aren't likely to grab a hold of. However, I get the feeling that these guys are just fine with their level of success and aren't concerned with breaking out. And that is just fine with me because so far their output has been pretty damn awesome.