Let me first state that if you're a fan of any grungey post punk ("weirdo") music and don't know about Fight Amp you're severely fucking up. For years the trio from South Jersey have been pounding heavy grunge riffs into Americans skulls. Supporting tours with Weedeater, Kylesa, Rosetta, and many more. Their 3rd full length "Birth Control" is no different. Bringing an assault of eerie, driving, fucked up and drugged out songs sure to have any fan of the similar bands I mentioned drooling mid head bang.

You would think the addition of any new member let alone a new drummer would change things up a bit in the music, here that is not the case. If I didn't mention it you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. New comer Dan Smith (also did cover art) beats the skins just as furiously at all the right tempos and nails every off-beat transition as the prior drummer did in elder albums. Basically their chemistry is still so strong with Dan they don't miss a beat, get it? (I'm sorry)

Tracks like the opener "Fly Trap", "White Pickett" and "Shallow Grave give you that essential classic Fight Amp. Driving the same mid-pace riff through your head then contorting it with the off drum beats and eerie leads that has put them where they're at today. Then you have tracks like the instrumental "Goner" and the 2 epics "Should've Worn Black" and closing the album "I am the Corpse". Which bring a slightly newer element that is even darker and more drone than anything they've ever done.

With that said, I have the argument with many that their songs are repetitive. Not only will I disagree with that, even if you think some of the riffs are similar. If you can't hear the difference with each alternate transition they use among a stockpile of twangy high end leads they do well, do less/more drugs and open your ears. Making simple grunge songs as big and detailed as they do isn't easy. Solid album the whole way through, get into it and go buy it.