Oslo, Norway isn't exactly the first place I think of when I think punk rock. But with members from Sweden, Norway and the UK, Riots is trying to put their city on the map. Formed in 2000 under the name Goldcruch, these guys have done tours of Europe and China on the strength of their debut EP and are back for more with this self titled full length.

After checking out the album artwork and the song titles I was expecting a more Oi! concentrated record, but Riots stick to a more standard punk rock formula. Along with the classic sound comes the classic content. Just take a look at track titles like Crucified, Factory, Dead Generation, and We're All Slaves. Typically my biggest hope with a record of this ilk is that it will be incredibly catchy and give me something to grasp onto that will separate it from the thousands of records with the same formula. Unfortunately, Riots seem to be a couple of memorable hooks away from being able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the punk rock pack. The songs are good and easy to like, but they aren't all that captivating and it makes this already rather short record easily forgettable.

I've listened to this record five times now and my mind hasn't really changed. They are close, but not quite close enough. There is plenty of potential though, hopefully with their next release they break out of the box a little and make their songs their own.