Following the footsteps of many of my favorite bands of past, Tucson, AZ's Territory brings brutality to the forefront, making any car ride you happen to be listening to them in become that much faster. While nothing this band is doing in their debut LP rings as groundbreaking, there is no denying that being into hardcore that is heavy, pissed off, and aggressive will ensure your support for this band almost immediately.

The opening track, Triumph of my Will, sets the tone swiftly as you're subjected to thick, dirty riffs in a sea of angry vocals and solid drumming. They go heavy, they go fast, and even slow it down a bit, all with precision and perfect pacing.

As the record continues, it doesn't let loose its grip. Unfortunately for some, it may also not lose the general feel of the first song. I am not saying that this is in any way bad for myself, but there isn't much between each song to really set them apart individually until the "Interfeud" (get it?) instrumental kicks in before unleashing the chaotic and noteworthy Blood Feud track. This is my second favorite song on the record, subtly throwing in blast beats with some good melodic breaks and ending on a pretty grim and evil note.

The final original track on this record, Throne, delivers a very Integrity heavy feel early on and serves as a sufficient swan song before we are teased into another intermission track, and finally one of the best Carcass covers (and my favorite track) I have heard in recent memory. This rendition of Buried Dreams really showcases the talent these guys possess, though it took a few listens for the vocals to really mesh well with me. I shouldn't complain, though. They are covering fucking Carcass.

The bottom line: Nothing really new or amazing to see here, but thats not what I feel is being set out to accomplish. I hear a very solid band who can undoubtedly tear it the fuck up live, and will probably get you putting holes in your bedroom walls. Fans of Crucified, Lifeless, Steel Nation and others will definitely appreciate this band.

Fans of FREE MUSIC will also appreciate this band.

You heard me right, Mike at Escapist and the band decided to offer a FREE DOWNLOAD of the entire LP. While this is just insane to me, I feel like it shows just how much they care about getting their art out to others, and thats worth taking note of. Hopefully this means somebody will pick up the Vinyl LP, and even a shirt to show their love. Wink wink.

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