"DEAD COWBOY'S SLUTS is a metal band that contrasts clearly with the current scene with their simple and effective music directly issued from the great period of the 90's. They prove it with their first album, in which their heavy riffs have not finished to make us headbang."

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok. Dead Cowboy's Sluts press kit is a little confusing. They also have one of the most puzzling names I have ever seen. That apostrophe has me befuddled from the start. Then there is the genre description, "death/thrash metal". Ok I hear the thrash, death metal is nowhere to be found though. The majority of their style sounds like modern day thrash mixed almost equally with metalcore.

I've spent a little time reading other reviews on this record and I have seen a lot of people really trashing these guys. I don't think they are anything incredible, but these fourteen tracks are decent at least. The intro is way too fucking long and horribly annoying, but from there these Frenchmen stick to a rather listenable metalcore formula.

If the band would stick with well placed solos instead of breakdowns I think this would be a lot more enjoyable. While some of the breakdowns are laughable the record is predominately tolerable. Unfortunately, just being tolerable also means this is forgettable.