Weekend Nachos have been tearing it up for a couple of years now. They've released multiple LPs and EPs with a few different labels and as they prepare for the release of their next full length have dropped the two song EP Watch You Suffer on A389 Records.

Weekend Nachos seem to have been strictly advertised as a grindcore or power violence band in the past. While they certainly incorporate pieces from both of those genres it would be easier and I think appropriate to just call them a hardcore band. The band is fast and ferocious for the majority of their sound but breaks down into blatant mosh parts towards the end of both of these songs. These tracks seem a little less spastic or frenetic than previous releases. But even with the noticeably longer song lengths this feels like part of the bands natural progression.

I've listened to a fair amount of Weekend Nachos in the past, but these two songs seem like the heaviest they've been yet. It is an absolute safe bet that anyone who has been into the bands previous releases will be into this record as well. It is viciously fast and brutally heavy. This is easily the most impressed I have ever been with this band.