The magic of wanting to listen to an album a second and third time after its first spin is a rare occurrence that keeps getting all the more rare in the age of A.D.D. engineered music. We Were Skeletons’ Blame & Aging is one of those records that requires no less than three immediate listens; doctor’s orders. And Just like an antibiotic, Blame & Aging gets better and better with every dose.

Particularly pleasing is the trio’s ability to find a musical grove amongst the raw emotion behind the songs (see “King of Tricks”), and the technicality of the music these gentlemen crank out makes them sound like much more than a three piece (see “Disease Artist”). Guitarist Justin Pallas and bassist Rafael Diaz put on a clinic of how to integrate technical ability with emotion, and the two tend to overshadow drummer Matt Nissely. Nissely makes up for this on “The Buried Seat” and “Slow Death” which displays his ability to carve out a distinct and interesting rhythm section with Diaz. Vocally, Pallas and Diaz mix back and forth distorted shouts and screams with clean vocals which work well in the bands favor as Blame & Aging comes in over the 40 minute mark. The only downside to the album is that some of the instrumental tracks (see “Pain Is Not the Cleanser”) seem more or less like filler.

We Were Skeletons’ Blame & Aging is the start of something big for the band in a similar fashion to mewithoutYou’s [A--->B] Life. This album and this band have a very bright future ahead.