When I first saw this album it appeared that it may be a punk band in the vein of the Dwarves. Really just wishful thinking on my behalf but the masked man on the cover did remind me of HeWhoCannotBeNamed. Once I put this in I realized my wishful thinking was just that.

Once I got around to listening to it, it reminded me of a band from home called the Horror. Their organ added to this rock music had an eerie mood to it. It had a nice similarty to it to make it feel familiar which made the listening easier and more enjoyable for me.

The vocals are sung well and matched the music quite well. As I always say the vocals can make or break a band. Here it was part of the music and didn't affect me either way.

This isn't my normal style of music but being open to all music I found a lot of good on this record. It was enjoyable to listen to and never once felt like I wanted to shut it off. I personally may not listen to it too many more times but I could see fans of rock music enjoying quite a bit.