With most d-beat/ crust bands I get to review the music is usually something between boring and listenable. This album surprised me. It started slow with a long mellow intro that reminded of something Hellbastard would do. I expected the same old shit that I have heard a thousand time before.

To my surprise this was not just like everything else. Sure its heavy, has the same quiet intros, with the same gruff vocals but this record stands apart from the others. Early Graves have done something refreshing and new with this genre without doing anything but playing heavy music that was well written.

This being their third record they have definitely had the time to work out a sound that they want and I feel they have succeeded in making a memorable album. For any crust/ metal fans this album is must have n your collection. I can't attest to the similarities to their early work but this album has the new vocalist so I am sure it will be a bit different.