I have been a fan of mc chris' brand of nerd rap for quite awhile now. Some of his newer releases haven't been as good and some of the songs are flat out amazing. Race Wars was a bit of a disappointment to me. I didn't get into a lot of the songs on there but it had a song to end out the record called "Part One." This song was possibly one of his best songs he has written and it was about Batman. Friends is an EP that continues the Gotham story with four more tracks with a Batman theme.

My first impression of this album was that it felt forced. That trying to do a theme for a whole EP had made the songs not as good as they could be. Thankfully I gave it a second listen because that is where I actually noticed the songs in their full glory.

Subject matter aside the beats are fantastic. part two, three and four have some of the best backing music since he released "mc chris is Dead" (which is my personal favorite album of his.)

All the backing music gives the songs life. The music suits each of the characters extremely well and gives you sense of the feeling towards them. The first track is about Robin and his beginnings as an orphan being taken in by Bruce Wayne to eventually become Robin. The music gives you the sense of dread and anger he is experiencing from his loss. This is one of the better songs of this release.

The second is about Gordon. The music has a cop sound to it. Like the music you would hear in a cartoon while police were on screen doing something important. The lyrics are catchy with a catchy hook but it was definitely one of my least favorite tracks.

Third was my personal favorite about Batgirl. The music suits it perfectly and is super catchy. The music has now become a theme song for her in my head. This is defi itely the strongest track on the record.

Last up is Alfred's song. It reminds me of something English with what sounds like a harpsichord. Eventhough it suits the subject matter perfectly it was my least favorite of the four.

This is definitely some great mc chris. Fans will absolutely love this and this could definitely garner new fans. The one thing I missed from this was the lack of a skit. All his other releases have had skits and I was a little disappointed not having one here. On the other hand the fact that this has gotten positive reviews from fans and the choice of title, this could mean we get a Batman villians theme ep.