Ah, comedy albums. From the band name alone, you know you're dealing with something that doesn't take itself too seriously. If the name didn't do it, then album art and without a doubt music concrete it.

With comedy laced in heavier music, it needs to be done fairly well to come across as not being a joke unto itself. Take for instance, Crotchduster and mostly Mr. Bungle. Now, I'm not comparing them to those bands; well, maybe Mr. Bungle, but it gives you an idea.

The issue with a joke band, for lack of a better term as they've put thoughts into the songs, is the precedence it sets. When a band doesn't take themselves seriously, has song titles like these, and live the singer singes through a dildo microphone (go to their page to see) one expects to be entertained on a certain level. I'm not so sure the Fat Dukes of Fuck succeeded with me.

They play a decent blend of hard rock and metal with a heavy dose of things Mike Patton. The songs are ok, but ultimately nothing that really stuck out at me. The lyrics, while I did laugh here and there, came off as trying a bit too hard to be funny and towards the end my interest waned because when the laughs wore off the music didn't keep my attention much longer. Again, back to the issue of "comedy" albums. I didn't laugh as much as I expected. However, laughs are completely subjective to the listener. What I didn't laugh at another person may piss their pants. Same goes for the riffs that didn't catch my ear.