So first let's talk about the solo Phil Anselmo half of this split and let me say if you're hoping to hear some Pantera reborn songs or complete Superjoint Ritual continuation you're going to be very disappointed. Although some of it is reminiscent of SJR there's a ton more in the thrash department and even black or grind than the usual crossover stoner riffs. With all that said it's not like you aren't banging your head the entire song(s). Phils vocals of course bring it as usual and so do his songs he has written. The drumming on "Conflict" is out of this world and brings more of a complexity than anything Phil has done prior in his career. While "Family and Friends" has a slightly more of the SJR familiarity to it. Both songs give a pretty good depiction of what the full length is going to sound like.

Warbeast on the other half the split is straight up retro thrash. Bringing a ton of energy and some new twists to the reborn thriving genre. Tons of double bass, streaming trems, blazing solos and of course the occasional groove that unlike many copycat thrashers actually gets your attention. Frontman Bruce Corbitt (formely sang for Rigor Mortis) brings a very old school and traditional approach with his vocals. Which is more of a loud clear shout then an actual scream. Lead guitarist Scott Shelby really shines on these 2 songs with impressive leads that are sure to make any old school guitar nerd get chills.

Basically if you like thrash or traditional metal with some new flavor and good production to it you'll really enjoy both these bands and this split. Throw Phils vocals on top of it and you enjoy it even more.