For the Doom genre there are only so few that really seperate themselves from the flock, then there are a ton of good acts just not up to par with the best. Then there's the very cliche' stale ones that seem to have little to no substance. I would put The Prophecy in that bottom of the barrel.

Their influences are worn on their sleeve and have all the right ingredients to make a solid melodic doom band. It just so happens that they're almost identical to them (My Dying Bride/Katatonia) and show no course of growing into their own sound or show any new kind of inspiration. Which makes the listener give each song the respectful listen, but get bored almost immediately throughout the album.

There isn't much difference from each track either which leaves it that much more under whelming. They sound much like their UK brothers 40 Watt Sunn as many other tradtional UK doom bands over the years. Just without that same stigma or essence that the mighty have. When you're songs are usually over 10 minutes as well it makes it even harder to take the carbon copy riffs in and enjoy them.

The Prophecy are great musicians and know how to write semi-decent doom songs. But for the growing genre and being surrounded by so many heavy hitters I just don't see them getting the attention of many. It just shows sometimes that even with good musicianship and inspiration you still need that little extra to write an album to seperate yourselves from the generic flock.