Deceased get labeled as a death metal band a lot. Whether or not they were earlier in their career is debatable, but lately and especially on 2000's Supernatural Addiction, Deceased have gone almost completely thrash. Now thirteen years later this record is seeing a well deserved re-release.

I'm not familiar with all of their back catalog, but I do love Fearless Undead Machines, this record is noticeably different and doesn't sound as dense. The guitar playing takes thrash to a slightly more technical level, but still remains modest and completely accessible for any thrash fan. They don't dive into guitar player masturbation like a band like HeXen would. Also, prevalent is the bands affinity for melody in these songs which does a lot to keep them from getting stale. The abundance of riffs and seamless transitions help to keep some dangerously long songs interesting. The shortest track comes in at 4:22 with the rest ranging from five to eight minutes. Fortunately, none of these songs start to sound too tired by the time they conclude.

Supernatural Addiction is a concept album. But the concept is that every song is based on a different writing. Personally, I feel like that takes away from the usual fluidity of most concept records, but it doesn't affect anything here. I haven't listened to this enough to investigate the lyrics more, but I'm not really concerned about them.

Some people like to argue that this is a better album than Fearless Undead Machines. I don't know about that, but it is an awesome record and the argument isn't all that absurd. I'm not exactly sure why this was re-issued. The only noticeable additions are five tracks of demo versions from this record, but that is it. On the plus side, if you didn't have this record before than now is the time to get it.