Hamilton, Ontario is the industrial city that Left For Dead called home in the mid to late 90's. In a little over a week the band will reunite for the annual A389 Records Anniversary Bash and with that A389 will release their complete studio recordings all on one record.

Remixed and remastered, these seventeen tracks sound great. If you have old Left For Dead releases the jump in quality is reason enough to pick this up. These guys are cited quite often as being influential and with their affiliations to Burning Love, Pick Your Side, Cursed, Haymaker, Countdown To Oblivion and Chokehold it is hard to argue. Their brand of fast and thrashy hardcore is among the best and although this record doesn't have a song that breaks the two minute mark it is evident why their impact was felt. Sure, the majority of their accolades were given posthumously, but better late than never I guess.

For those unfamiliar with Left For Dead, the band was influenced by the bands of the early Cleveland scene mashed up with faster and more traditional hardcore like Infest, Gang Green and Slapshot. Although the band didn't fit in with the heavy hardcore scene of the 90's they seem to fit in better now with the seemingly increasing amount of people into fast hardcore and power violence.

Unfortunately for most, the band only plans to play the A389 show and a matinee the following day and this is the only thing getting released. On the plus side, members Chris Colohan and Jeff Beckman can still be found fronting Burning Love and Pick Your Side. If you slept this long on either of those bands don't let that happen any longer. This is a cool look back at Left For Dead but these guys are doing better now than they ever have before.