I can honestly say that I have not been this refreshed by the Swedish Death Metal genre in a long long time, years. Skineater-"Dermal Harvest" will make you reminisce the days when everyone's cd booklet consisted of Arch Enemy/In Flames/Soilwork albums and every metalcore band ripping off their harmonies we loved.

Immediately the album starts out blaring fast and sets the tone that these dudes left the cheese and formulaic bullshit in the mid 00's where it belongs. Blast beats, guitar harmonies, growls and no auto tune clear singing choruses. Just straight to the point melodic death metal. The way it was built and meant to be played. But with members from previous bands like In Thy Dreams and Carnal Forge how could these veteran rockers fuck it up? They can't cause those bands ruled (cheap plug for underrated bands)

Covering all spectrums of this beautiful genre are songs like "Stab" and "Through the Empire" that give us the straight brutality and great musicianship that is death metal to it's core. Then at the other end songs like "Thousand Dead Faces" and "He Was Murdered" bring the whole "Swedish element" to it with melodic guitar harmonies and solos. Oh yea! Hey hardcore kids remember when you use to mosh to bands like this well these guys got plenty of groove and breakdowns for you to enjoy as well.

I would love to see Skineater be the start of reviving this genre into the dominant one it once was. "Dermal Harvest" is damn near perfect the whole way through and should be a purchase for any old or young fan of melodic death metal. In 2013, bang your head in Swedish style like it's the year 2000 all over again.