First off I'm sorry it took this long to review this album. One of my top picks of 2012. It was just hard for me to put not only how incredible this album is, but also how weird and perfect the simplicity and other elements of it really are.

If you're familiar with any of Devin Townsends previous material you already know how off the wall it is. Off the wall in the best way possible of course. "Epicloud" isn't that much different except for the fact that it's without a doubt his simplest and catchy album to date. With of course it being over the top heavy as his usual forte. Which was Devons whole goal this go around and he delivers flawlessly. Almost if like Frank Zappa would've done an album with The Beatles. But in a avant-garde synth pop metal kind of way.

The album starts big, very BIG. "Effervescent" has that huge opera like sing along and production that immediately engulfs you in harmony. Followed by "True North" that continues the simplistic yet big music describing love by melody. I could sit here all day and break down why every song is gold, but then even I'd be bored so just believe me when I truly say "GOLD". Just a few of my other favorites worth mentioning are "Where We Belong", "Divine" and "Grace".

It's a big deal in the metal world when not only does Devon Townsend out do himself from every other one of his releases. But to also stay at the top in a year that put out a handful of other excellent metal albums from his piers.

I understand how some have steered away previously to his releases because of how goofy they may be at times. This album there is no exceptions. Yes it's still goofy at times but as a fan of metal and beautiful music in general (which usually isn't the case "metal and beautiful") you'd be crazy to not enjoy this album through and through. The man has so many influences to the point where it may come off weird to some but so did people like Einstein, Ghandi and Ozzy. See my point? I hope so.