Some bands wear their influences on their sleeve and it can either work in their favor or put them in the category of "[insert band name here] rip-off." However, I think the fusing of 90s Swedish death metal with chaotic grindcore still is fresh if the band pulls it off right. Spain's Gruesome Stuff Relish do just that, and have delievered a gory and punishing album, with a nod to early Carcass.

If you've ever listened to any Entombed record, you'll immediately recognize the guitar tones. "Buzzsaw" is probably the normal word to describe them, and it's no different here. At points the record is very straightforward and thrashy, but they can also change on a dime and break into a blast-beat heavy passage. Luckily, not all 12 songs utilize just these attributes, as the track "S.O.S." gives a very atmospheric approach which is a nice change.

What you see is what you get with this album. The album title, artwork, and band name strongly hints at what the lyrical content contains. The vocals might not be what you'd expect from a band like this, as the vocals in the opener "A Date With Fulci" are pretty high-pitched. At times they're guttural, and at tims they would probably be more at home in a black metal band. I think this plays in their favor however, perhaps straying from their influences a bit.

Full of samples, tight riffs, chaotic wailing solos, and gruesome lyrics, this album takes a lot of influence from both grindcore and 90s death metal. I'd be lying if I said every riff and chord progression on here is the most original thing ever. However, I think Gruesome Stuff Relish puts enough spin on it to make it their own. It's a very tense and sometimes atmospheric record that will please any grindcore and/or death metal fan.