Wreck came into the hardcore scene making a name for themselves by playing hardcore that was heavily influenced by grunge and other 90's rock. Their debut Reap What You Sow was four songs that sounded different from their peers while still sounding like a hardcore band. On Nervous Wreck, the band are back with four more to keep their unique take on the genre going.

Much to my surprise the first track sounds like something straight off a Trapped Under Ice record. I've even confirmed I wasn't just hearing this by reading a couple of other reviews that say the same thing. Fortunately it doesn't feel all too out of place with three other tracks.

The more I listen to this the less I feel like using the term grunge is acceptable. There is definitely some 90's shit going on here, but it is more like Burn or Helmet. Most songs follow a staggered rhythm that is a little uncomfortable until you get into the groove of it, but after that it is smooth sailing. Despite deviating from the usual hardcore formula these guys are still very obviously a part of the genre. They may stray from the path and sacrifice a little fluidity for originality, but it all works out in the end.