I remember hearing HIM on CKY. At the time I really enjoyed a couple of their songs. I never went out of my way to listen to them but thought this might be nostalgic and maybe I might enjoy a few songs.

The first track is a cover song of a band that was big in Europe. I had never heard the original but this version is pretty terrible. I was completely unimpressed and started regretting taking this to review. As the record progressed it did end up getting a bit better.

The one song I had heard in CKY was on here which is still a pretty cool song. Besides that, the more upbeat songs were tolerable. The slow ones were pretty atrocious.

I noticed that a lot of the songs seemed influenced by Billy Idol. Unfortunately none of them are quite as good as Billy Idol. Which made the listening that much less enjoyable. I spent the whole time wishing this was a Billy Idol record.

I had thought I would be able to bash this band the whole time but I did actually enjoy two songs so I guess it was kind of worth it. I honestly don't understand what people see is this band or why they became popular enough to garner American audiences.