Florida isn't exactly known throughout the hardcore scene the quality of bands coming from the Sunshine State. Sure there have been a few that made waves like Where Fear And Weapons Meet or Morning Again, but other than a handful of bands there hasn't been anyone that really sticks out recently. Losin' It are trying to change that. After their Danger Zone seven inch last year they caught the attention of a few ears. In 2013 they are back with their first full length on Life To Live titled No Apology.

This is pretty standard hardcore. Does that mean it is good or bad? No, there are plenty of bands playing paint by the numbers hardcore that sounds both awful and great. What separates the good and bad has to do with a variety of factors. As far as execution goes these guys hit the mark rather effortlessly. The problem is that nothing about this band or these songs really does a whole lot to grab my attention and differentiate themselves from the pack. This sounds heavily influenced by bands like Ten Yard Fight, Floorpunch, and No Warning. Plenty of bands have gone down the same road and managed to make a name for themselves with memorable songs or a great live show. I can't speak for Losin' It's shows, but these songs aren't especially catchy.

I don't mean to sound overly critical. No Apology is nowhere close to being a bad record. I've actually enjoyed listening to it quite a bit. Unfortunately, if I were to turn this off now, after listening to it five times in a row, I wouldn't recognize it if I heard it again.