The 2 piece monster known as deathdealer hails from Boston, MA and totally just ripped me a new asshole. I stumbled upon these guys while checking out the roster of Don't Live Like Me Records, a relatively new label also based out of Boston. Their debut LP, "SOULSTEALER" is an impressive 9 tracks that really showcase what this band is capable of. To try to describe deathdealer in a nutshell, would be a really heavy Death from Above 1979 without the whiny indie vocals and synth parts. "Ledge Hill" is a rager that starts with Code Orange Kids-esque hardcore fury and then makes a left turn into an uptempo chorus with a pretty sick harmony. The bass/drum combo is pulled off so well and the production helps with that immensely. The bass tone is so overtly distorted, yet manages to avoid sounding like muddy shit. The drums are clear and powerful, and provide the stereo image on the recording.

But enough of my audio engineering mumbo jumbo, this record really does rip. And again, its nice to see some dudes in hardcore that aren't taking themselves too seriously. Fuck Dave Matthews starts off with somewhat of a blast beat and a furious bass line that fade into a cool interlude. An ambient outcry of "Fuck Dave Matthews" is followed by a fairly devastating downtempo breakdown/moshriff that definitely gets your head bobbing. There's really not much more to say, I highly recommend checking this out. SOULSTEALER is available on limited cassette from Don't Live Like Me Records and Turn Of The Century Records. You can also download it as a name your price download on bandcamp or even stream this shit on Spotify.