This is it; this is what I have been waiting for a while now to hear. Raekwon is back with a new E.P. of that good old Wu appeal. Anyone who is a hip hop fan, or just anyone for that matter, knows Wu Tang Clan and The Chef Raekwon. If you are like me, you have probably been missing them for some time now, but rest assured they haven’t gone anywhere. Raekwon continues do drop technical rhymes mixed with gritty street knowledge, old school dreams, and wordplay that keeps you hitting rewind more than a few times.
Lost Jewelry is just that. It is a collection of those gems that made us fans in the first place. The album features production from outside the normal Wu family, but the sound still manages to sound familiar. Rae’s rhymes almost feel like a severely afflicted ADHD student trying to describe their day, yet at the end of each song, the whole picture is painted. These lyrics may portray rough times, but they have the power to make you think and visualize the subject manner. They are fast, powerful, and full of energy. The song Young Boy Penalties tells the familiar story of running around on the streets, and acting young and reckless while in pursuit of often times ridiculous dreams. For the Listeners starts off with an old school break beat, and Rae delivers in a manner reminiscent of Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap, although maybe a little more mellow. Rae may have matured and honed his craft, but this is that old Wu feel, that if you are like me, you miss.
I can listen to this entire album straight through, top to bottom, over and over again. But I would say the top two songs would have to be Prince of Thieves, and For the Listeners. There are a few guest artists, including Faith Evans (the widow of the late Notorious BIG) but I almost forget they are there after getting lost in Rae’s rhymes. You can hear the whole album or download it for free on For me, the Wu Tang Clan is at the top of the hip hop game, and this E.P. is a must for any fan of the music and culture. Get this mix tape now, and if you were a fan in the late 90’s, you should already know. The saga continues…. Wu Tang.