Back in '99 I had started attending local shows. One of the many bands that were playing were USA Waste. I remember my friend buying their 7" and us going back to his house to listen to these now classic gems. Ever since I have continued listening and following them.

Their side of the split is a bit heavier than normal as well as a bit more raw. I'm not sure if it is a evolution of the band with new members or if it was because they were sharing this record with a more aggressive band. Either way these three tracks did not disappoint. Two brand new songs and a Circle Jerks cover grace this record. As usual they released some great street punk songs which was honestly no surprise for me.

The other side is a band I had never heard of called Abortive Issue. They are a female fronted punk band. They play 90's style peace punk. Reminds me of Aus Rotten, Whorehouse of Representatives, Brother Inferior, etc. This is the exact style of punk that I love. The songs are short and fast with rapid fire female vocals. Although this style isn't popular anymore I am very pleased they are doing this.

Overall this is an extremely solid 7" and worth picking up if you are into raw punk rock. Its fast, its fun and great to listen to.