So I’ve been pondering over how to write this review for over a week now. Rotten Sound’s newest EP, which serves as a “stop gap” for the new full length, Species At War is 6 tracks and clocks in around 8 minutes. After one listen though the record my opinion was solidified but simply saying “well this is fucking awesome” isn’t sufficient in trying to tell my readers what this album is all about.

With that being said, this album seems to serve as a bit of experimentation. The record fires right out of the gate with a recklessly paced opening track entitled Cause. 50 seconds later we’re onto track 2 called, The Game, slows down significantly into a very southern style groove lick. Another 50 or so seconds later, just when you get comfortable banging your head, we’re back to being absolutely pulverized by a jackhammer on overdrive. This speed and ferocity stays its course until the final track, Salvation, which dives back into the groove that was found on the second track. While it’s definitely the slowest track of the record, it’s arguably the heaviest of the bunch and was an excellent way to bring the heart rate down from the attack of the previous 7 minutes.

If this EP is to serve as an example of what is to come from the full length, then we have found the new face of grindcore in our Finnish friends. While in the faster songs it’s quite obvious that they definitely inspired by Nasum, Rotten Sound has found a way to blow right past them in speed. Nasum’s one major downfall, in my opinion, was the overuse of melody (especially on Human 2.0). To paraphrase my girl Sweet Brown, Rotten Sound “ain’t got time for that.” The groove elements are a much welcomed new addition and give the band enough diversity to keep the material fresh for the audience.

If music were a drug, this would be PCP. This album is so relentless and pissed from start to finish that by the time the 8 minutes conclude, you will be in the corner sucking your thumb, pissing your pants, and begging for it to stop. I, for one, am beyond excited to see what they come up with for the full length. If you are a fan of the most pissed of music you can find, grab this EP and grind your face off.