I'll admit the sole reason I even gave this band a listen was the fact that Lex, formerly of Daughters was handling vocals in this supergroup of sorts. I was pleasantly surprised to hear he had gone back to screaming, versus the Danzig on crack style he adapted on later Daughters records. Very Negative is very to the point, and at its core, a hardcore record. Opener "Hellbound Heart" wastes no time kicking your teeth in and getting its point across. The longest song on the EP clocks in at 1:24, so even those with the shortest of attention spans can get through it. "Unpopular Bible Verses" is straight pissed hardcore, and closing track "Violent Screaming Delusions" even has a breakdown of sorts. But where other bands would drag the breakdown out, Fucking Invincible ends it abruptly with feedback and some cymbal washouts. I'm pretty interested in seeing where this band goes, "Very Negative" is out now on a 7" from Atomic Action! Records.