Heiress is still a relatively unknown Seattle based band featuring Himsa vocalist John Pettibone. While most bands on the Deathwish roster can be classified as a certain type of hardcore, Heiress is kind of a wildcard. There are a lot of progressive and ambient elements to the band's sound, while still having an abrasive edge. The riffs throughout Early Frost vary from discordant to straightforward chords that dance in and out of time. Pettibone's vocals are so powerful and commanding, and sound so cool against the backdrop presented, versus what I've been used to hearing with his work in Himsa. Repetition is bad, I echo this statement in so many of my reviews. And while I'd be hypocritical to not admit many bands I listen to fall under that umbrella, when I hear a band doing something unique, it commands my attention. Try to find another heavy band using a motherfucking PAN FLUTE and make it work, go ahead and try.

The 37 minutes presented on this LP never offers the same moment twice. Interludes are used effectively as breaks in the chaos, and the heavy moments are HEAVY. Dynamic range is hard to come by these days, and all but forgotten in the realm of heavy music. Heiress is here to remind us how effective dynamic range can really be. "Early Frost" is out now via Deathwish Inc.