Its hard to believe its been 4 years since Hatebreed has graced us with their trademark mosh riffs. The self titled "Hatebreed" was probably the band's most diverse effort yet, with actual solos and some melody from frontman Jamey Jasta's vocals. Let alone it was melody in that safe, Pantera-esque way but hey that was big for a band like Hatebreed. Anyhow, "The Divinity Of Purpose" is somewhat of a return to form. The same chug heavy palm muted riffs are present, with more emphasis on the beatdown riffs. Its almost as if they are reverting to the sound present on Perseverance and The Rise Of Brutality. Gang vocals, mosh calls and lyrics demanding you stand up for yourself are all in full force. Drums still sound triggered as shit, but all those kick drum hits need to sink up with the guitar chugs right?

I can honestly keep going to fill up space, but especially with a band like Hatebreed, once you've heard one album you've essentially heard them all. Yes, this album ditches most of the melodic elements they experimented with 4 years ago. There are still some solos here and there but it seems Jasta got his wannabe Pantera vocals out on his god awful solo album. Recommended for dudes that wore ballcaps to hardcore shows, but switched to bandanas when Jasta did. "The Divinity Of Purpose" is out now.