It is always a great thing to see a young band grow and improve. I was fortunate enough to book their first show last summer. They were a bit sloppy and their vocalist was spat out ADD style screaming. It was fast and incredibly raw. What Powerviolence should be. I was hooked. A while later they lost that singer and went on to find a female singer to replace him.

In the time since I had last seen them they have definitely tightened up. The new singer fit in perfectly. She has aggressive singing voice much like some of Contravene's stuff. My only complaint is that there is no range with the vocals very monotone screaming but it is only a three song demo so who knows about other material. short

The songs are quite enjoyable and really short. Making the three songs fly by. I can't wait for a full length from these guys to hear them flesh out their sound a bit better. This is for fans of fast hardcore and powerviolence.