Gehenna are a band that I wasn't a fan of at all the first time I heard them. I'm not sure why, but I couldn't have given a shit less about them. Then I had the chance to see them live and right about the time where their singer ran off the stage and knocked out my friend I knew this wasn't the band for me. After a year or two of watching that same friend get knocked out repeatedly I was able to remove the mid-set assault off the offense list and attribute it to my friends punch appeal. Around that time I got my second glimpse of Gehenna in a live setting and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had already started to warm up to them courtesy of all their releases through A389 Records and that just made me more interested in the band. Now as the band prepares to unleash a new album on the world, A389 is re-issuing their legendary LP Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris.

I think my initial problem with Gehenna was that I dug too deep with the band. I didn't take them for what they are on the surface as just an insanely sadistic, thrashing, metallic hardcore band. The band is chaotic, but not in the sense that the music is complex. They really are a rather simplistic band that takes a vicious approach to combining the most most evil metal and hardcore.

Originally released in 2000 on Crawlspace Records, this record became a hard to find gem for extreme music fans. The only difference in the tracklist is the removal of "Bite It You Scum" which was a G.G. Allin cover. In its place is a quick 47 second D.R.I. cover of "Yes Ma'am". It's not at all a necessary addition, but who fucking cares?

This re-issue is good news for those that have been trying to get their hands on this record as well as those interested in checking out Gehenna for the first time. Negotium is a great starting point as it is some of if not the best material the band has recorded. Just check out tracks like "Crush Opposition" and "Win By Attrition" and I'm sure you will be won over if you are a fan of scathing, gritty and immoral metallic hardcore.