I've written a ton of reviews for hardcore bands where I start off by talking about how the genre doesn't need re-invented. I could start this review exactly the same. Relentless are from Australia, but unlike every other band I've heard from the land down under, these guys don't come up short. Bands like 50 Lions and Miles Away have made attempts at breaking through world wide, but have had limited success. Relentless just might be the first Australian hardcore band to really get the attention of kids in the States.

Like I said this is pretty standard hardcore that takes the path that bands like Terror and Trapped Under Ice have bulldozed. Immediately I was reminded of the Fools Like You EP by Canada's Final Word. The vocals are similar and these songs have that pop and energy that Final Word had. Lyrically it is pretty middle of the road and boring, but that is expected with this kind of hardcore.

It didn't come as much surprise to see that this record was produced by Nick Jett of Terror. Fortunately, this record sounds great though. There are a few moments that sound like complete rips of Terror parts, but originality isn't the most important part of playing hardcore.

What Relentless have succeeded in is writing songs that don't get stale in the middle of the record. The aggression of this record is hard to match on a straight up hardcore album and I'm not just talking about mosh parts.

These guys are coming over to the U.S. this year and have already established a spot on This Is Hardcore 2013. Hopefully they will turn heads the way this record deserves.