Desperate Spinsters is a bizarre female-fronted punk band. They have a gimmick that is clear on the EP art: they all dress up as old women. I guess the band name is a play on Desperate Housewives. A few of the songs are spent complaining about old people with song titles like "The Truth About Rest Homes, and "Waddling Decrepit Wisconsinites." The gimmick doesn't last throughout the whole EP lyrically. A more typical punk song is one like "Everything We Do Revolves Around Alcohol."

The EP runs about 10 minutes, and that's about all I'd be able to listen to this band. Virtually no memorable songwriting, mediocre production and a weird gimmick don't really make this EP a must-listen by any means. I understand it's punk, but there's plenty of punk bands who embrace minimalism and are still able to write good songs. Also this is clearly a joke band, but I don't find any of the songs funny. It might have been funny if I had heard this EP when I was 12. Maybe there's something I'm missing, but for me there's really no reason to check this out.