This CD is basically a history lesson in a very niche type of punk. I couldn't explain it better than what I found with some research, so here it is: The Norcore Scene happened during the mid to late 80’s on the north side of Chicago and near north suburbs. The epicenter of the scene was a neighborhood called Norwood Park. Norcore was a fusion of different styles and musicians. It was mostly punk, but with a strong glam rock and big guitar / big vocal influence. Occasionally some ska and rockabilly would be thrown into a set with mixed results.

The problem with a CD like this is that no more than the people involved in this music since the mid to late-80s have heard of or cared about this music. I don't really see the necessity of it rather than a way to relive the heyday of this type of music. The different styles of music are apparent right off the bat with "There Was A Time," with vocal harmonies and its rock n' roll-infused punk sensibilities. It's easy to hear the rockabilly feel in songs like "1:29," "Anita," and "Russ Meyer." There's also a clear glam/hard rock influence in songs like "Gary Clitter." With some other strictly punk songs, the heaviest song on the CD in my opinion was "Since 1973." This reminded me of Dead Kennedys, which isn't a bad comparison. However, it sounds like they ripped off the main riff in "Police Truck" in certain points in the song.

For anyone who hasn't heard of Norcore before, there's a reason. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is in a sound, and it's not all that enjoyable. Although there are some catchy moments on here, there's nothing that really stood out or made me want to listen again. It's also incredibly inconsistent in the fact that almost every song sounds different. Although this is better than every song sounding the same, it would've been nice to find a comfortable medium. To all 5 of you who want to relive the days of Norcore, by all means, pick this CD up.