It feels like I had just reviewed Goemagot's debut demo. Here we are about a 6 months later with their first full length. The young band only formed in 2011 and are clearly wasting no time going to work to lay out the brutality for Rochester, NY.

As I say often with slam death metal releases, I don't look for the wheel to get reinvented. I look for high energy/intensity and raw heaviness. They more than succeeded on their demo. Those three quick tracks certainly left me wanting more. Man oh man, do they ever deliver.

This is a big step up from that demo. It's incredible how much so considering how recently that was released. These guys are firing on all cylinders and clobbering any head that gets in their path. The eleven tracks are quite unrelenting. It's a perfect mix of slam and brutal death metal. Just straight up nonstop slam doesn't get many repeat listens as it can lose the listener rapidly. That's not the case here thankfully as Goemagot have enough tricks up their sleeves to make sure that doesn't happen.

If you're familiar with the demo, the last track was more of a what's to come as this full length is closer to that. It honestly reminds me of recent Devourment with the latest Inherit Disease. Slamming brutality with just the right amount of technicality at spots to perk your ears up and not get annoyed that they're jerking off their instruments.

Production wise, this sound is perfect for the genre. Chunky guitars that aren't too muddy. Vocals nice and loud. Drums with a raw sound and not fake over processed sound. The bass even cuts through just right which is always a nice bonus as most downtuned bands tend to lose that in the mix.

I do have some small gripes with the tracks. First, it often seems as though songs completely stop to introduce the new riff rather than flowing into it. This is often fine, but I feel as though some better transitions could make an already strong album even stronger. The vocals I wouldn't mind some slight variation on it. Lastly, this is very minor, is the title. Since Devourment released Butcher the Weak I've noticed many bands (most likely not intentionally) have titles that are similar. Septycal Gorge had Erase the Insignificant, Banishment had Cleansing the Infirm, Condemned the song Mutilating the Inferior. Trivial gripe? Perhaps, but at least they're in good company.

When it comes down to it, this is perfectly executed slamming brutal death metal. I don't see how anyone that's a fan of the genre wouldn't find something to like on the album. I look forward to hearing more from the band, especially considering how fast they've grown already. I expect even better things to come from them. I'm hopeful it will be similar to the last track on the release. It mixes in all elements of the album plus some dark melody with a ripping melodic solo into a clean passage. Great way to close out a crushing release.