When I opened up a package containing a couple of physical CD's to review, I almost instantly knew what I was going to get with this one. But that isn't always a bad thing. The Gashers are a three piece old-school punk rock band, plain and simple. Anti-authority and drinking with friends are high priority among the lyrical content. One of the things I like the most about this band is the way they divide up vocal duties amongst each member. This isn't necessarily anything new, but it allows for some variation rather than the same voice the whole time.

Rather than having primarily a power-chord fueled song structure every song, there are some melodic octaves thrown in and a few guitar solos (if you want to call them that). But something I really noticed in this record is the way the bass drives the band. The bass parts at some point prove to be more technical and interesting that the guitar parts. It also offers some more rhythmic and melodic passages that differ from the guitar, which is also a plus.

My biggest complaint about this album is the length of some of the songs. Most notably to me was "Panic." I'm not saying that every punk band has to have two minute songs, but with the simplicity in the songwriting, this song could have been cut at least a minute. About halfway through the song, they literally start over and go through the whole song. Although it's solid punk rock, it can get a little long at points, especially for the stereotypical punk fan that has a short attention span (the whole record is almost 40 minutes).

Overall though, this is a quality punk record. There's something to like for any punk fan on here. There's a good mix of catchy, fun and/or funny songs ("Stuffed," Sheila," Tool") and serious political songs ("Occupy," "Justice," "The Masses"). There's also a good mix of paces and dynamics. Any fan of punk new or old should definitely check this band out.