Hey, look, it's another EP from those Brooklyn jokey punksters, World War IX! "Off The Wagon" is 5-song flash of a masterpiece that comes with a collectible comic book (Earaches & Eyesores #4) made by lead guitarist Justin Melkmann who, in real life, is a producer on The Daily Show. Anyways, this thing lasts less than 9 minutes and is chock full of speedy, goofy, punk rock anthems that will make you laugh and shout along.

"Carrera Con El Diablo," which seems to be the single off the album, deals with getting shitty Mexican food late night when you're hammered, and the consequences that follow. The other tracks detail similar issues such as "Drinking All Day," but "Bath Salt Zombies" was written as the title track for the new movie by the same name.

If you're a fan of sardonic, hardcore punk in the spirit of Damaged-era Black Flag then "Off The Wagon" will appeal to you. If you're not easily amused by bathroom humor, partying till ya puke, etc. then perhaps skip this one.