I did bit of research on the album and found out that is compiled of two tour eps they released last year. They felt it was strong material and deserved a widespread audience so they rearranged the songs and added two previously unreleased tracks to make a full length record.

As many people know, I am a pretty big fan of third wave ska. Whenever given the opportunity I like to check out new bands playing it or bands that were putting out records during the original wave. I was never a huge fan of Less Than Jake but there were a few tracks that stood out and I really liked. With recent releases by Reel Big Fish and Big D and the Kids Table I felt like this band probably didn't change too much over time either.

I popped it on and found that I was correct in my assessment. The album sounds like their 90's releases which made the songs feel familiar. It made the listening quite enjoyable. Even with the similar sound it was different enough from their old albums that this was a fresh take as opposed to rehashed garbage trying relive the glory days.

This album was more enjoyable to me than the early releases I had heard but Less Than Jake is just a band I cannot get into completely. I don't dislike the music it just isn't my favorite band. I wouldn't skip a song if it popped up on shuffle but I never find myself putting an album on. Fans of Less Than Jake will probably love this release and I recommend it to any fan of ska.