Often times there are bands who are notorious for playing shows outside their own genre. A lot of times this is a really terrible idea and muddy's it up or just plain ruins the show. Then there are bands that just fit in and you never are quite sure it worked so well.

Am.are.is is one of those bands that plays with the punks as well as the indie rock and even metal. The first time I had seen them play was a show my band was playing. We were playing last so we had plenty of time to talk with the band and get to know them. Seriously solid dudes. A little skeptical about them they started playing and I was shocked at the quality of music they were playing.

That night they were talking about going into the studio to record this album and I was super excited to hear them all polished up. After quite a long time I finally got my hands on a copy of the album about a month before its release. In great anticipation I started playing the album.

On first listen I was surprised by their sound. It was a lot cleaner and less gritty than their live stuff. It was a bit disappointing until I got a couple songs in and completely forgot about the gritty sound. They thrive with the cleaner sound. With multiple listens it soon became one of my favorite records to come out in the past year.

The music is a post punk with cleanly sung vocals. Vocally it reminds a bit of Mike Patton's vocals in Faith No More and could see it being an influence on them. Musically its got that out-of-tune-but-not-really sound to it that a lot of the post punk/ post hardcore bands have.

I love this album and find myself listening to it a few times a week. This band is just plain fantastic and deserves a listen from anybody into mellower music.